iPods in Education Part 3: Internet Accessibility

Posted: January 21, 2008 in ipod, iPod in Education, multiple intelligences, tools
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This post assumes the use of the iPod Touch.

With the introduction of the new iPod Touch in the latter half of 2007 comes an iPod with Wi-Fi. This capability comes with a wide range of new uses for the iPod in education that all stem from the ability to connect directly to the Internet with this mobile device.

The Power of the Internet and Mobile Computing

With access to the Internet in the palms of their hands, students have full access to the largest database on the globe – the Internet. When used with Web 2.0 tools, the possibilities for students are endless. There is online research capabilities through the use of Wikipedia. How about completing work on the iPod Touch using desktop publishing tools such as Zoho or Thinkfree. Essentially, here is a very affordable 1-1 computing scheme – giving students strong computing power for a fraction of the cost yet still very functional.  With online storage sites such as Box.net, which gives everyone 1 GB of free online storage, students can access their work at home regardless of whether the iPod goes home or stays at school.

There are less physical limitations as well.  No need to worry about network drops, cables or physical placement of hardware in the classroom.  All that is required is a wireless router and away you go. Regular acceptable use policies still apply.

Where Can an iPod Touch be Utilized for Learning?

  • Research on Wikipedia – iPodia is a third party app that allows users to access Wikipedia offline!
  • Web Publishing by posting to blogs
  • Online collaboration and content creation using wikis
  • Accessing multimedia learning content through Youtube
  • Accessing eLearning content on Learning Management Systems
  • Map analysis and geographic studies using Google Maps
  • Social Bookmarking using del.icio.us

Remember, the iPod Touch is still an iPod

The iPod Touch has all the same features as a video iPod (5th Generation), iPod classic, and iPod Nano (3rd Generation) . As a result, the iPod Touch can be used to achieve all the learning goals that have been discussed to date with the added feature of being able to access the Internet.

Have other ideas to share?  Feel free to comment!

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