Principals Encouraging Cell Phones For Learning? Finally!

Posted: January 22, 2008 in cell_phone, Mobilelearner, mobilelearning

Dean Sharski shares with us an e-mail he received from a principal who is taking steps to incorporate cell phone technology is schools for learning:

I’m sure we are not going insane, but some would probably disagree. Carla and I tried something new and, well a little bit rebellious today. We invited the grade 8/9 ELA class/students to bring their cell phones into class (if they didn’t have one we used mysask for text). Our goal, using cell phones for learning. Our objectives, appropriate use of cell phones (manners and ethics), using the calendar/scheduling, using text to discuss literature (lit circles), tracking progress and assignments/projects, and engaging the new learner. Guess what, it worked like a charm and the kids are peeing themselves with enthusiasm. Welcome to Web 2.0!!!! I needed to share.”

It seems that the conversation in incorporating tools that students already have in learning may actually be beginning!


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