Google: From Hate to Love/Hate…

Posted: March 19, 2008 in digital culture, tools, web 2.0

OK, OK, I surrender. I’m announcing to the world that my resistance to Google is slowly beginning to fade! I have had this negative feeling toward Google for some time now. While I realize that they are the leader in Web 2.0 and web apps in general, the whole idea of one massive company having so much control and access to so many people’s personal information and browsing behaviour has always left a bad taste in my mouth. Smells too much like Microsoft. What’s made it worse is the fact that this information is being provided to Google by individuals freely! Not even Microsoft has been able to to this – they have had fight hard to invade the homes and workplaces of a high percentage of computer users – Google has accomplished this with a fraction of the effort.

Let it be known that this still bothers me!

However, there is so much good stuff coming out of Google that even I am beginning to bend. Quentin D’Souza has pointed out to me that Google has now placed Google Sky, Google Mars and Google Moon online as web apps. Here is a short video on the subject:

Add to this the presence of Google Maps online and we suddenly have massive amounts of high quality geography and astronomy available to everyone from anywhere. What is winning me over is not the applications themselves. After all, the software versions are often more robust than the web versions and there are plenty of alternative to to Google’s applications.  However, by placing these apps online, one no longer needs a computer with plenty of hard drive space in order to use the software. We can now access the software from any Wi-Fi enabled device. Being able to search the cosmos and learn about the constellations, planets, or any other known celestial object or phenomena with links to related podcasts, images, etc. from any mobile device on the go is just plain awesome.

OK Google, you’ve almost won me over. I’m still keeping my Yahoo! mail account and I’m still going to search the web using Yahoo! However, I won’t be as critical as I’ve been.

  1. buzzyweb says:

    Hmmm, a deep analysis, but it’ll still take too long for Google to fade!

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