Are We Ready For Mobile Learning?

Posted: April 22, 2008 in digital culture, edushifts, Mobilelearner, mobilelearning, tools

I just finished reading this article in Educase Quarterly that looked at mobile devices, mobile learning and discussed whether or not we are ready for mobile learning.  What I got from this article is that both students and faculty have mobile devices, use mobile devices in non-educational contexts but this use has not transferred to teaching and learning.

While the majority of benefits appear to be pedagogical, the majority of drawbacks seem to stem from either cost or faculty reluctance.

The article states:

“Mobile computing/communication devices offer a unique opportunity for teachers and students in different kinds of instructional settings to capitalize on the flexibility and freedom afforded by these devices. However, these benefits demand new pedagogies and new approaches to delivering and facilitating instruction.”

The costs for device will come down and faculty acceptance will become more commonplace with time.  The question is: how do we begin the process of designing new teaching approached and new pedagogies?


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