Using Mobi Pocket Reader on a Cell/Smart Phone

Posted: October 8, 2008 in cell_phone, Mobilelearner, software, tools

Reading longer pieces of text, like a story, on a mobile device does indeed take some getting used to.  However, being able to carry a mini-library around wherever one goes and have access to that library wherever one finds themselves is definitely something I find useful.  I used to use Wattpad to read stories on my phone and I liked it for it made reading on my phone possible.  However, I got a little frustrated with it as I really could only install text that either I could find from their website or or upload to their website in plain text format and the editing features available were quite limited.  A few months ago,  I switched to Mobi Pocket Reader on my Blackberry Pearl and have found that this app is a power tool for using text on a mobile phone.

In addition to being able to easily zoom in and zoom out of text, the app allows the user to bookmark multiple pages.  In addition to this, other editing features such as highlighting and the ability to add notes brings many of the benefits of working with paper to digital text.  The ability to search for words brings the advantages of processors to text. The most powerful feature however, is the ability to take text from many different formats, including word documents, text in .rtf format and even pdf files, and convert them to a Mobi Pocket Reader friendly format.  The conversion stays true to the formatting of the original text as far as it is possible on a small screen.

In my quest to find a piece of software that allows me to read on my phone, Mobi Pocket Reader is currently my software of choice.  There are hardware solutions, such as the Amazon Kindle, but I want to reduce the number of devices that I carry around with me.  There are other software solutions such as Wattpad or iPod notes, I find them clumsy in comparison to Mobi Pocket reader which brings of the benefits of text on paper to the digital screen and adds ease and comfort to the mobile reading experience.

  1. Rodd Lucier says:


    You should check out first year teacher, Jarrod Robinson’s blog. He’s using cell phones on a field trip so that his students can audio blog their experiences.

    Jarrod also shared with me this link that may be of nterested to you:

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