One Year and Counting

Posted: November 4, 2008 in edushifts, reflections, tools

It is exactly one year today since I began my reflective journey on the topic of mobile learning and using mobile devices in learning.  I must admit that this has been an enjoyable journey for me in engaging in conversation about new tools and the future of education.

One year after I began this blog, I am on the cusp of taking on a new direction in my career.  I am on the cusp of moving from my current role as an academic technology consultant to a role of school vice-principal.  I have seen others enthusiastically talk about their passions when they are in one role but then forget about these passions when they change roles.  However, unlike others I have seen before me, I refuse to let this passion die once my role changes.  I believe in the important evolutionary role of technology way too much to stop talking about how new technologies can move us to a new level in our social and biological evolution.  One year may bring life changes but this blog will continue on.

This appears to me that the discussion of using mobile technology to help kids learn is still very much a new topic.  After all, computers and laptops are just now entering the mainstream in education but costs and other barriers are still to high to make schools more fully based on technology.  As a matter of fact, mobile technology is really a niche topic in that many still believe in banning mobile technology tools instead of using tools that students bring with them to school to help them learn.  When we think of using learning resources, we don’t think of an iPod or PDA, nor do we think of a cell phone or smart phone despite their abilities to allow students to do more than one thing at a time.  Maybe that is why teachers are generally resistant to allowing students to use mobile tools – what I call multi-purposed other call distracting.  However, as new generations of teachers and students enter the school system, I believe that these tools will become a more accepted option to help students learn.  This should also force closed and restrictive IT departments to open up networks and allow staff and students to use their own productivity tools to help them learn.

As I enter my second year of reflections through this blog, I want to work toward a more inclusive conversation.  I find that in some posts, the conversation is really one-sided.  This is definitely the result of this being a new blog.  Hopefully, as I move forward, I can encourage more meaningful and two-way conversations with this blog.

  1. Quentin D'Souza says:

    Congratulations on your change of direction in your career. I think that any school will be lucky to have you.

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