What Do You Think of My New Logo?

Posted: November 14, 2008 in reflections, tools

I’ve been thinking about creating a logo for The Mobile Learner blog and presentations.  I made a new logo using http://www.festisite.com What do you think?  Too Risky?


Update: I forgot to mention my source of inspiration!  I was inspired by the logo created by Nathan Toft and Jane Smith at http://www.portablepd.ca

  1. Quentin D'Souza says:

    For some reason – it makes me thirsty 🙂

  2. dougpete says:

    I’m worried about blogging and driving.

  3. timh says:

    Very refreshing!

  4. Nathan Toft says:

    You are so very talented Rob. What an impressive juxtaposition of words and images!

    It reminds me of something I’ve seen somewhere else though…

  5. Yes Nathan! I forgot to mention where I got the inspiration! I got it from portablepd.ca!

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