At a Crossroads…

Posted: January 31, 2009 in edushifts, reflections

I’ve reached another crossroads in both my physical and online lives.  Almost three years ago, in June of 2006, I switched jobs.  I moved from being a classroom teacher to an Academic ICT consultant with the Toronto Catholic District School Board.  A dramatic shift occurred at this time as I met new people and this exposure led to an experimentation in, and then a full adoption of, online tools.  Creating this new online life was not easy as a struggled for some time to find an identity for myself by publishing content in wikis and through expression first in blogs, and then later in Twitter.

My first blog, was an attempt to unite what I was previously doing in the classroom before my web 2.0 “awakening” and what I was experimenting with after this “awakening”.  While I maintained that blog for a little more than one year, I found that I had changed too much.  Many people still visit that blog but I haven’t contributed to it for over a year.  I lost interest in posting links to resources for instruction in Canadian history and wanted to delve into something a little more cutting edge.  The purchase of my first iPod in 2006 and my Blackberry Pearl in 2007 convinced me that using mobile devices for learning was what I wanted to talk about and have maintained this blog for a little over one year.

However, I’ve reached another crossroads.  I started a new job this week as an elementary school vice-principal and I am once again struggling with my identity.  How do I unite my love for mobile digital tools, my passion for educating kids and my current role as an administrator?  While I will likely shut down that history blog at some point in the near future, I want to continue this one as I believe that mobile learning is the future and conversations around these tools need to continue.  However, how will I keep up with the amount of massive change when significantly more of my time is needed to run a school?  I guess that is where my online PLN comes in.  I do realize that something is going to have to give and I will have to let some things go.  As I already mentioned, that history blog is going to have to go.  However, this blog and my new initiative, The Ontario Educator Meetup, are too important to me and I want to continue them.  What shape these will take only time will tell.

Hopefully, the mix between admin and technolgy will produce something even more fruitful.  The last time I was faced with change, something fruitful resulted.  My hope is that the same thing happens again.

  1. dougpete says:

    Those of us who know you, physically and virtually are so pleased that your professional life has turned out good things for you.

    I hope that we can convince you that this isn’t a crossroads. Now that you’re actually in a position to make policy and procedural changes, I would enough you to think of it as a merge of two roads into one. You live in the heart of expressways in Toronto, so consider it like the basket weave out where Eglinton meets the 401. All of these things converge into one path that speeds towards the heart of where you want to be when you go to Toronto.

    You bring strong computer, communication, and collaboration skills with you. You need to find some way to merge that with the high daily speed that is your student lives. The students will appreciate it; you’ll get immense personal satisfaction and have the opportunity to be a real lighthouse.

  2. Quentin DSouza says:

    Your new school is lucky to have you. And we are at a loss to see you go. Life is full of hills and valleys but it is what we do when we hit a hill or valley that makes a true leader shine. See you soon!

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