When a Mobile Device Becomes a Digital Lifeline

Posted: February 14, 2009 in reflections

As of this writing, I have spent 2 weeks as and administrator and would like to reflect on how my mobile device has kept me connected to my digital spaces and my PLN.

In this administrative role where direct micro-level support for students and teachers, budgetary considerations and dealing with facilities issues takes up a lot of my time, I am finding that consolidating my online connections and collaboration around my mobile device is becoming the most efficient way of juggling my responsibilities with my PLN.

This blog has always been about how learners can use technology to help them learn. Up until now, I,ve always classified learners as formal students in formal education. However, in this age of life-long learning, learners are also adults who are not formally students.

So, how do I find myself using my mobile device these days?

– maintaining communication with my PLN through Twitter
– Using Google Maps for Mobile for directions or to find local establishments
– Using Opera Mini to browse the Internet, check my board email, read through my feeds in Google Reader or to write blog posts (like this one)
– Checking my personal email through my Gmail app
– Checking weather updates through my app from The Weather Network. This has become very useful when checking for advisories or alerts when deciding whether the conditions outside are suitable for students to go outdoors for recess
– I haven’t tried this yet as it’s still really new to me but editing MS Word documents or PowerPoint presentations using Documents to Go

Then there is the obvious: making phone calls

As I own a BlackBerry Pearl and a iPod 5G, I have yet to consolidate the above mentioned activities with my music, podcast, audiobook and video collection. However, as the amount of free time available to me continues to dwindle, these two devices have become indispensible for me in keeping me informed, connected and efficient.

  1. idarknight says:

    For me, my ‘berry has just enough power to allow me to keep up with most of what I would use a computer for, while being “on site” across the campus, or in the home (as needed). But as I’m out and about, interacting with online content and offline issues, it brings home to me, how useful these ubergadgets really are for informal learning.

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