The Future of Mobile Technology: The Sixth Sense?

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Mobilelearner, reflections, video, youtube

Although the challenge today is integrate current technology in today’s classroom in a way that is useful and practical for personal productivity and for learning, it is always interesting to see what the future of technology will be and the potential uses for it.  In this newly released TED video, Pattie Mae and Pranav Mistry demo their wearable technology nicknamed “Sixth Sense” and discuss what may be possible in the near future.  If we can access all of the information we need from wherever we are, what is the need for memorization?


  1. Quentin DSouza says:

    @$350 The Machine is Us/ing Us

    The software seems even more important than the hardware in order to function successfully.

    That was really neat.

  2. Mike McIlveen says:

    Like your comment about memorization. Looks like hand movements are on the way as an input method. You wouldn’t need a physical keyboard if you have a camera pointed at your hands. It strikes me that hand gestures will become more nuanced as the technology develops. Students would then have another way to talk behind our backs and make fun of us! 😉

  3. […] De Lorenzo, a demonstration of wearable computing technology by Pattie Mae and Pranav Mistry. (JC) The Future of Mobile Technology: The Sixth Sense |The Mobile Learner | Rob De Lorenzo | 11 March, […]

  4. Munna Kumar says:

    How we get 6th Sense Mobile in India & on which price?

  5. Alan vallejo says:

    When the cell phone six senses will be to the vent

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