iPhone Continues to Make Gains

Posted: March 29, 2009 in Uncategorized


Here are some recent numbers about smart phone use in the US and around the world.  It appears that the Apple iPhone continues to make tremendous gains.  The reason for this is debatable but in my opinion, the reason for the gain is similar to the reason why Twitter and Mozilla Firefox are so popular – customization.

As the massive lists of Mozilla Firefox extensions and Twitter apps allows for customized browsing and communicating experiences, it is my opinion that the ability to really customize one’s iPhone through an extensive list of available apps has made the iPhone the smart phone of choice.  While the iPhone itself is a really powerful device, I don’t think that these kind of numbers and the speed at which these numbers have been achieved are possible without the iTunes app store.

Does anyone have stories of how iPhones are being customized to help student learn? Please place links in the comment field.

  1. Steve Howard says:

    I think the industry continues to mistake advert requests from iPhone browsers with volume sales of iPhones. No doubt the iPhone is usable and used. But it has 1% or 2% penetration of devices world wide, not 50%, or even 10%.

    One day the iPhone *might* have 50% penetration, but we shouldn’t ignore all the iPhone-inspired touch devices coming from numerous other manufatureres, like the Palm Pre for instance. The iPhone is going to see some real competition this year.

    Frankly I am shocked that, with the iPhone close to 2 years old, there are still no devices that really shake the misconception in the USA that “the iPhone is the most advanced phone on the planet”, but watch this space … 😉


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