The Continued Growth of the Mobile Web

Posted: May 3, 2009 in browser, mobilebrowsing, Mobilelearner, mobilelearning

Recent numbers from Opera are showing massive growth of the mobile web.  Through statistics gathered from their popular mobile web browser Opera Mini, it appears that we are finally beginning to see mobile access to the Internet as a viable option for teachers and for students.

I currently use Opera Mini on my Blackberry and see it as a viable option for web browsing from a mobile device.  What make Opera a cost-effective option for educators and students is that the browser automatically compresses content before displaying the web page on a mobile device, thus reducing the amount of data (and money) required to browse the web from a mobile device while displaying true views of the Internet.

For more on the topic of the mobile web, see the articles below:

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  1. Mike McIlveen says:

    Hey Rob,remember when schools were considering jamming cell phones but couldn’t because of safety issues? Lol! 21st century class is a distributed network of learners with a fair amount of social activity on the old ‘wireless’.

    • Yes, I do recall. I guess we are following the common trend when it comes to acceptance of any change in education – from ignoring the change to trying to stop the change to minimizing the value of the change to eventually embracing the change.

  2. Jacques says:

    Glad to run into this blog. Will follow (as well as on Twitter). Seems that your school/district are permtitting cell unse in class; great! Like Darren Draper recently wrote : “Not only do we need to change the way we test, but the way we teach – and all this because of the ways that our students can now learn.”

    • My district does not ban cell phones for students. However, students can only use them if their teacher wants them to utilize it for their learning. Otherwise, they must be kept out of sight.

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