The Strengths and Challenges of Mobile Learning: A Live Discussion

Posted: August 16, 2009 in edushifts, mobilelearning, ontmeetup, PLN
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The Strengths and Challenges of Mobile Learning

On Monday August 24th, myself and other educators will host an online session as part of the Ontario Educator Meetup on Mobile Learning titled, “The Strengths and Challenges of Mobile Learning”.  In this discussion, we will be looking at how teachers can leverage the use of mobile devices to help students learn and the challenges they and their students face in making this happen.

The online session will take place in an online forum using conferencing software called Adobe Connect.  Adobe Connect allows for simultaneous conversations in multiple formats including text chat and voice chat.  Obviously, the more people that participate, the richer the discussion will be.  Therefore, set a calendar reminder and come by the meeting room with a headset and microphone.  If you are interested in mlearning and in it’s potentials in improving student achievement, then this is conversation you don’t want to miss.

Who: All educators around the world interested in mobile learning;

What: A conversation hosted as part of the Ontario Educator Meetup on the strengths and challenges of mobile learning;

Where: In an Adobe Connect conference room –

When: Monday August 24th at 1:00 pm EST – click here for timezone conversions

Why: While new ideas and teaching strategies in improving student learning are constantly being developed and discussed, technology is often left off of the table (or mentioned only in superficial ways) in general discussions and in traditional Professional Development forums.  It’s time educators come together to discuss at how new technologies can be used to improve student learning and how to overcome the inevitable challenges associated with technology integration.

For more information on this or other Ontario Educator Meetup sessions, please visit

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  4. Brent Carter says:

    Thanks for allowing me to attend as a guest. Please keep me informed regarding the time and content of other collaborations.

  5. Vicki Koch says:

    We are a group of like-minded educators working at the post-secondary level on introducing mobile hand-helds into the classroom. Please join us! Send an email to me at if there is anyone you wish to receive an invitation to join our group.

  6. Karen Cast says:

    Couldn’t make the session but believe mobile learning is the next great wave to impact education.

  7. kunde says:

    Lots of fantastic reading here, many thanks! I had been checking on yahoo when I found your article, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to more from you.

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