QR Codes: A Brief Reading List

Posted: December 11, 2010 in augmented reality, edushifts, mobilelearning
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I’ve had this growing interest lately in QR codes and their application to education.  I’m quickly coming to the realization at how useful QR codes can be in education and how these little graphical icons can make mobile learning a little easier for teachers to incorporate with students.  Here is a list of some websites that I’ve accessed recently on the topic.

1) 7 Things You Should Know About QR Codes: An Educase article that provides a nice overview of what QR codes are and their potential applications within education;

2) QR Code: Wikipedia’s article on QR Codes

3) Handheld Learning Beyond the Classroom: A blog post that offers a number of classroom applications for QR codes;

4) 10 Ways to Use QR Codes in a History Classroom: Pretty self explanatory;

5) 3 Examples of QR Code Supremacy: This short blog post discusses 3 different, and quite interesting, ways that QR codes have been used outside of education;

6) QR Codes in Education: A Burgeoning Narrative: This blog post has a number for actual examples, one of which is an images of QR Codes in student notebooks that works!

7) QR Codes: In the Classroom: More practical ideas in using QR Codes in learning;

8) Why QR Codes are Poised to Hit the Mainstream: A look at the potential for QR codes in collective scanning (or social scanning if you will) and gaming;

9) What Business Card? Just Scan my QR Code: An article on using QR codes for personal advertising – this can work to advertise a school or a school program as well;

10) Qurify: We will end this list with a free QR code generator.

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  3. john case says:

    How about a nod to Microsoft Tag which offers a great deal more than QR and is just as free to use?

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