Guided Tour of OverDrive: Borrowing Audiobooks from Public Libraries

Posted: April 30, 2011 in audiobooks, ebooks, edushifts, mobilelearning, software
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As a followup to my previous post titled “Revisiting the Notion of Audiobooks and Public Libraries“, the image below is linked to a guided tour of the Overdrive. Overdrive is an app that many public libraries in North America use to provide patrons with access to audiobooks on their mobile devices. I’ve been using the Overdrive iPhone app for several weeks now and have found that by listening to books, I am able to get through books that I would otherwise not get through if I was reading them (mainly due to time restraints). While I was listening to audiobooks before, I find that now I’m going through more material as previously, I was purchasing the audiobooks I was listening to where as now, I am borrowing them for free. The model is interesting too as it works on the same check-out principal used for physical books from the public library. All you need is a public library card and the Overdrive app for your device. The rest is free access to professionally published audiobooks for your listening and learning pleasure.

As an aside, although I am personally focusing only on the audiobook functionality of the app and the audiobook availability of public libraries, ebooks are also offered by public libraries through Overdrive.

  1. Overdrive is what Amazon has said it will release Kindle books through for its forthcoming library lending program, so this is a timely post for that. Thanks.

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