The Power of Networks

Posted: September 23, 2012 in digital culture, mlearning, video, youtube

In this RSA Animate video, we learn about the shift in thinking about the connections of life. What is presented is the idea that our increased understanding of the complexity and inter-connectivity of life has resulted in a shift in the metaphor we use when categorising this inter-connectivity – a shift from the use of the tree metaphor to a metaphor of network or web. While this video is not about mlearning per say, it does provide insight into just how complex our world is and allows us to deduce that mlearning devices can help us navigate and develop these connections.

  1. Dark Souls 2 says:

    I agree with you that Networks are really important in many aspect of life. When it come to business, family, and social life. I love networking with new people all the time. Thanks for sharing this awesome video 🙂

  2. completely agree with him in the above comment. Networks today have really become very important in our daily lives be it our virtual social life or our regular and traditional social life. Also, network also results in constant new additions which brings some change to our monotonous life. Thanks for sharing !

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