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In this very engaging talk, young Adora Svitak reminds us all, including educators, that we need to listen to students, provide them with a voice, and remember that learning is reciprocal. The most poignant part of the talk are the statements around adults adding layers of control to what we fear. While not speaking specifically to mobile learning, one can see the arguments around mobile learning and BYOD over the years following the same process of fear and control, and adults not listening to kids, that Ms. Svitak speaks about.


The Power of Networks

Posted: September 23, 2012 in digital culture, mlearning, video, youtube

In this RSA Animate video, we learn about the shift in thinking about the connections of life. What is presented is the idea that our increased understanding of the complexity and inter-connectivity of life has resulted in a shift in the metaphor we use when categorising this inter-connectivity – a shift from the use of the tree metaphor to a metaphor of network or web. While this video is not about mlearning per say, it does provide insight into just how complex our world is and allows us to deduce that mlearning devices can help us navigate and develop these connections.

This 6 minute video shows how mobile learning devices are being used with special needs students to help them communicate and to help them learn.

We all see in our classrooms and in our schools how girls generally tend to outperform boys.  In this short talk by Philip Zimbrardo, we hear some stats and some larger consequences of the effects of digital rewiring of boys’ brains. At the end of this video, Mr. Zimbardo challenges us to come up with solutions to deal with current realities of gender differences.

The video below is an animation and visualization of Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on Changing Educational Paradigms.  His message is relevant here as the utilization of mobile devices for learning is only possible when we understand the current state of education and that change is in order.  Above and beyond the message provided by Mr. Robinson, the animated visualization is a great way to connect to the message in different way.  Enjoy!

This TED talk, presented by Clay Shirky in June 2010, discusses how digital technology has given us the ability to use our collective spare time and talents, what Shirky calls ‘cognitive suplus’, to participate in global projects and create in a global environment is ways that was never before possible.  This voluntary participation has the benefit of creating both communal and civic value. An interesting view into how technology, including mobile technology, is changing the social landscape.

Posted in the Fall of 2009, what strikes me as interesting is the increase in the references to mobility and mobile devices, especially when compared to the first 3 versions.  Watch it again here, this time focusing on the implications to mobile lifestyles and mobile learning.