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In this very engaging talk, young Adora Svitak reminds us all, including educators, that we need to listen to students, provide them with a voice, and remember that learning is reciprocal. The most poignant part of the talk are the statements around adults adding layers of control to what we fear. While not speaking specifically to mobile learning, one can see the arguments around mobile learning and BYOD over the years following the same process of fear and control, and adults not listening to kids, that Ms. Svitak speaks about.


Here’s a Youtube video on the future of learning featuring Stephan Heppell.  I recently heard Stephan Heppell speak at Leading Learning 2009 and was fascinated by his ideas and his charisma. Two ideas that I find important in this video are the ideas of “learning to learn” and “learning by failing”.  What struck me as well is the heart surgeon who said that he’s been doing heart surgeries for 45 years and is still learning.

“This isn’t the information age, it’s the learning age” – Stephen Heppell